Somalia’s ‘New Deal’ tackles old problems

New Deal Somalia


Somalia’s ‘New Deal’ tackles old problems

Government pledges to improve its peoples’ lives in return for $2.4bn in aid, but critics remain sceptical.

Hargeisa, Somaliland – In Brussels, it was hailed as a “New Deal” for Somalia. That after more than two decades of killing and chaos, the Horn of Africa country now has a government and enough international backing to start delivering peace and economic growth for its people.

The agreement on Monday between rich donors and Somalia’s one-year-old government in Mogadishu involves plans for general elections by 2016, a new constitution and security gains, in return for international funding pledges estimated at about $2.4bn.
But back in Somalia, the Euro-gathering was not seen as incentive enough for people to throw their lot in with a government in Mogadishu that depends upon foreign soldiers, and has yet to stamp its authority across much of the fragmented nation.

“The government…

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