Moment Media Group

Moment Independent Journalism from a Somali Perspective

The Moment Mission

Moment Magazine, dedicated to serious, highly-literate, intellectual journalism, provides the Somali community and other readers with a much needed independent forum that is not tied to any organization or point-of-view. Moment strives to counteract Tribalism, and encourage constructive, meaningful discussion about Somali history, life and future.

What Makes Moment Different?
So you’re wondering what makes Moment different from all other Somali magazines? Good question. Most magazines that report about the world from a Somali perspective are eager to tell you what to think. These publications are either published by an organization motivated by an agenda or led by a person with strong opinions who wants to influence you. At Moment, we’re independent and fiercely devoted to bringing you only the highest quality journalism. We want you to give you the facts—in context—so you can make up your own mind. In an era, where the Somali community (and the world) is pulling in a million different directions, Moment brings us together—and celebrates our diversity.

What our readers say about us:
“More than anything else I read, Moment illuminates the issues of our Somali moment in time. It is irreverent and willing to take on the difficult subjects that impact us.”

“What I love about Moment is that it tells me we are all in the same boat, even if we have different oars.”

”At a time when so much of the Somali community is pulling in different directions, with Moment I am reminded of the fascination of being Somali.”

“Moment is my way to connect Pan-Somalism. I don’t belong to a Tribalism, but yet Moment makes me feel part of the Somali community.”

Moment is equally interesting no matter what kind of Somali you are.”

”This year I gave Moment as a gift to all of the young Somali . It is a way for them to read interesting modern Somali ideas and discussions even if they are not otherwise connected with Somali community.”

”I always enjoy reading Moment, even when I disagree with it.”

“Moment makes me proud to be Somalo.”

“I love the fact that Moment is independent. I really appreciate reading a spectrum of political opinions and understanding where other Somali are coming from.”
This well written magazine tells the story like it is.”

”What a beautiful magazine!”

National Economist And Political Analyst

Pen Moment

PEN Moment brings together writers, journalists, poets – all those using the written word to promote ideas – in the common belief that it is through this sharing that bridges of understanding can be built between peoples. These bridges cross political, geographical, ethnic, cultural, religious and other divides.

It is for this reason that the protection of the right to freedom of expression – the freedom to express ideas without fear of attack, arrest or other persecution – has been at the heart of Moment PEN’s work since it was formed .

PEN’s work and advocacy was fully developed by the time the Universal Declaration on Human Rights was declared and adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It has been argued that PEN helped to define the concept of freedom of expression that is now enshrined under Article 19 of the Declaration, a right that is as important today as it was when it was defined in the aftermath of World War Two.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Moment Media Group


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